arquiteto zé


"we all live in the architecture, even before we even knew the word architecture". Peter Zumthor 1996


The sustainability concept is provoking a new awareness that the planet's resources are limited, and it is very likely that in the coming years we are going to see a new cultural and technological revolution, more important than the Industrial Revolution. Sustainable development has shown us that we should not just limit ourselves to reduce energy use or to discover new sources of alternative energy, but also to a definitive change of paradigms for better conservation of our resources capital, or of what is left for the future generations.

Sustainable construction is presented in this scenario that now uses more than 40% of energy and natural resources not as an alternative but as a way of global understanding that is allied to urban development, infrastructure, and architecture as a possibility to construct low impact buildings.

Assessing the present moment we realize that we have the resources and the knowledge to do it, however it takes a greater commitment to achieve this.